UNI Global Union

Is the UNI Global Union more important than the American Unions? We don't think so.

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  1. Yesterday when I was at the food store, there was a young man holding a sign. It stated he would work for food. I couldn't believe that it has gotten so bad. All I could think is that he could be my son.

    I ran to the bank and when I got back, the Police had asked him to leave. I saw him on his bike and tried to stop him to give him the $20.00 that I couldn't really spare.

    I followed him to the Pizza place down the street. Someone else had seen his sign and have given him a gift certificate to eat. At least he had some food to eat.

    It was quite cold; about 20 degrees. I asked if he had a place to sleep. He told me that he was trying to beg to get enough money to get a hotel. He said that it cost $50.00 a night. He told me that he had been laid off. He was doing marine construction and they did not have enough work. He had another job, but it did not start until March 1st

    I told him about a hotel I know tries to help homeless people. He was so young to be up against so much. He told me that he was 21.

    As I sit in my nice warm house, I wonder if he is o.k. He passed through my life for 10 minutes but it makes me very aware that things for most people are so very tough. Things have to change, so more people aren't standing in the cold with signs - Work for Food.

  2. Another victim of the UNI GLOBAL UNION and their pro-amnesty agenda


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