Mission Statement

To bring about the current state of American Unionism and to force current Labor Leaders to hear the Rank and File (for whom they work) and to organize membership collectively to fight for an American worker first agenda.

My Story...

My name is J. Buck. I am a former organizer for the Laborers Eastern Organizing Fund, Laborers International Union Of North America. This is my story.

After years of being a rank and file laborer, I was asked to become an organizer. I agreed with the belief that advocating for better working conditions, benefits, and wages for American workers was a worthy cause. I still do.

After some time, I came to these conclusions.
1) Labor leaders nationwide are merging local union halls across the country in order to avoid dissent on illegal immigration.
2) The leadership of these unions are selling out the rank and file in order to gain membership dues and political power for themselves.
3) The unsustainable tide of cheap illegal labor takes the teeth out of any present and future collective bargaining agreements.
4) These leaders have come to a "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em" mentality.
5) With years of fighting big buisness' use of illegal aliens, they have succombed.
6) These actions are are costing American union workers jobs.
7) Through the threat of takeover by the international union, local buisness agents submit or are merged to avoid dissent.
8) Through their dues, rank and file members are unwittingly donating money to political action committees who have a pro-amnesty agenda. In other words, they are advocating for their own replacements.
9) Even without the current economic down turn, jobs are finite not infinite.
10) Without a great groundswell of dissent, this situation is irreversable.

Let me tell you a story of the laborers union... Over the years there has been a number of corruption convictions in my union, so the Justice Department came in to oversee it. This gave the current leadership the appearance of changing the union for the better. Everyone cheered.

Then they went to work on us. Instead of demanding that contractors use legal American workers, they thought it easier to just organize the illegal alen workers which started us down a slippery slope. The courts made the decision that organizing these workers was legal, but here's the rub: while that is legal [I don't agree with it though], sending out illegal aliens from a hiring hall is another matter. My union card has my social security number on it. What about yours?

Whose number are the illegal aliens using? This leaves all our union contractors exposed to fines and penalties, and therefore could affect collective bargaining agreements. The granting of union cards is facillitating the employment of illegal aliens, which is a crime. So I see this practice as an ongoing, organized criminal enterprise. That is the definition of a R.I.C.O. (racketeering) violation. AND THE JUSTICE DEPT IS LETTING THEM DO IT.!!!!

This house of cards must not stand. Please stand up and scream with me. I am an American Union Worker, and I want my union leaders to identify and e-verify.

This is my story...I want to hear yours.

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